DESYNCRA FOR TINNITUS – THE SCIENTIFIC SOLUTION is a revolutionary new treatment for tinnitus. Desyncra is a targeted therapy designed to change the patterns in tinnitus neuronal networks and reduce the distressing symptoms including tinnitus loudness and annoyance.  This therapy applies the science of CR Neuromodulation.

NEURONAL HYPERACTIVITY: CR Neuromodulaton is designed to disrupt the hyperactivity in neuronal networks associated with tinnitus.   Recent developments in neuroscience have led to a clearer understanding of the neuronal activity behind tinnitus.  Neurons in the auditory cortex become hyperactive and synchronized, which is perceived by patients as tinnitus.

CHANGED NEURAL BEHAVIOR: Desyncra for Tinnitus applies CR Neuromodulation to “desynchronize” the pathological neuronal behavior that is perceived as tinnitus.  Improved symptoms can be seen reflected in EEG imaging, showing reduced delta wave activity across tinnitus neural networks.

LONG-TERM RELIEF; Patients experience reduced symptoms lasting beyond the therapy period, as neuronal networks adjust to new patterns of synaptic behavior.

MOBILE NEUROTHERAPY:The Desyncra therapy is delivered using a customized iPod device with custom designed earphones.  The therapeutic tones are tailored to the patient’s exact tinnitus profile.

CR Neuromodulaton therapy has been offered for many years in Europe and Great Britain where they report having treated over 3000 patients with tremendous success.  We are fortunate to now have the ability to offer Desyncra in our office.  This new tinnitus therapy is offering a new hope for relief from tinnitus symptoms- especially for those patients that have experienced limited success in the past from other types of treatments.

Call us today at 760-889-8542 to talk with us about whether you are a candidate for this revolutionary new approach to relieving your tinnitus symptoms.

For more information go to or watch this video about CR Neuromodulation

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