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Has had lifelong hearing loss herself Diagnostic specialty testing expert
referred to by E.N.T, medical doctors, school systems

“One of my patients with particularly difficult tinnitus reports she finds the sound therapy much more tolerable than her tinnitus and has found relief from the jaw clenching she experienced as a result of her tinnitus.”

“My tinnitus patients have been very happy with the results they are receiving from their sound therapy devices. My first TRT patient reported immediate relief due to a reduction in his tinnitus, and found after only two weeks he could cut down from treatment twice a day to once a day. He also reported that his inability to concentrate due to his tinnitus is now gone since he started his sound therapy treatment. During their follow up visits several of my tinnitus patients have mentioned they now understand what it means to "set it & forget it" when using their sound therapy device. They no longer are hyper-monitoring and are feeling more relaxed and less stressed by their tinnitus.”

“I fit my first sound therapy device on a patient 3 months ago and he is doing great. In the first month he was using the device every day to help relieve his tinnitus. Now, 3 months later, he reported he is able to go 2-3 days without hearing or being bothered by his tinnitus.”

“Back in October of 1969 is when I became an expert with the M-16 and I’m honored to wear that badge. But, the first day I shot the M16, I started to have a hissing sound in both of my ears. You really don’t know what it is like unless you have this disability. I have dealt with this disability for 43 years with no help from anyone. Well, yesterday was D-day and my new world opened up. The audiologist was such a professional during the evaluation. After fitting me with the sound therapy device he saw tears in my eyes and asked me how I felt. I informed him that the world had just opened up and thanked him to no end for his help in giving me a new look at life. Twenty years ago I gave up on finding something to help me with my 24/7 tinnitus, but yesterday my new world became a reality. It’s a miracle, and I feel like a new person.”