We are Proud to Announce we are an AudigyCertified Practice!

What Does That Mean?

Audigy Group is the nation’s largest member-owned association of independent hearing care professionals. After interviewing 5,000 of the 18,000 audiologists in the United States, only slightly over 250 individuals have been invited to become a member in this exclusive organization.

Why Exclusive?

AudigyCertified practices represent the top 3-5% of privately-owned hearing care practices in the hearing care industry. They were chosen because they have the country’s most experienced practitioners of hearing and diagnostic services.

Best Hearing San Diego was invited to join Audigy Group because we share the same set of core values when it comes to patient care. Through our partnership with Audigy, we know we can deliver only the best in hearing and diagnostic services to San Diego.

We want you to experience the gifts of better hearing—the clearer communication, the stronger relationships, and a renewed sense of confidence—as naturally and as effortlessly as possible.

Hearing is our 24/7 connection. It connects our brain to the outside world. It connects us to one another. When it comes to your hearing, you deserve the best. You deserve personalized care from an AudigyCertified practice.

AUDIGY AGX® Hearing 4-Step Process

Through a short series of conversations, tests, and technology recommendations, you’ll be more empowered than ever to experience better hearing.

We call it the 4-Step Process. And it’s designed to make your path to better hearing as simple as it should be.

  1. Interview: The interview determines the nature of your concern and uncovers any specific areas that may require further attention. You’ll answer simple questions about your health history and lifestyle to give your AudigyCertified Audiologist a clearer picture of your unique situation.
  2. Examination: The examination determines if the hearing difficulty you are experiencing could be caused by an obstruction — such as earwax — or by damage to the ear canal or eardrum. We all know how important it is to get our eyes and teeth checked routinely; it’s just as important to check our hearing.
  3. Diagnostics: The diagnostic process determines the nature of your hearing or tinnitus difficulties. This process may include a variety of audiological tests depending on the assessment of your better hearing needs.
  4. Solutions: The treatment-solution step determines what type of treatment option (AGX Hearing technology, tinnitus solution, or auditory processing intervention) is most appropriate for you.

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