Our tinnitus treatment program involves an initial diagnostic evaluation (to identify the underlying cause of your tinnitus & identify treatment options), tinnitus assessment & fitting of tinnitus treatment device, followed by five therapy visits over 36 weeks.

  1. Tinnitus Consultation
    • Evaluation of Candidacy for Tinnitus Treatment
    • Review of Tinnitus Treatment options
  2. Tinnitus Diagnostic Evaluation
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Tinnitus Assessment
  3. Tinnitus Treatment Program
    • Tinnitus Measurements
    • Custom Programming of Treatment Device
    • Orientation of Treatment Device
    • Counseling on Tinnitus Therapy Program
  4. Tinnitus Therapy & Patient Education and Training
    • Retraining Therapy at 4 weeks
    • Retraining Therapy at 8 weeks
    • Retraining Therapy at 12 weeks
    • Retraining Therapy at 24 weeks
    • Retraining Therapy at 36 weeks
    • Diagnostic Report to Physician at 36 weeks

With over 20 years of experience evaluating and diagnosing Tinnitus, we feel confident that we can help. We understand no two people are alike and the importance of identifying YOUR type of tinnitus is paramount. There is more than one way to treat Tinnitus and together we can determine which treatment option, or combination of treatments, is most likely to give you the relief you need.

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