Most insurance carriers provide benefits for a majority of our services. However, in order to keep costs down and our pricing value-based, Best Hearing San Diego does not partner with third party payers. As is common with specialty clinics BHSD will expect payment at time of service and will provide patients with the paperwork necessary to submit to your insurance provider. Your insurance provider will then pay your benefits directly to you. Reimbursement amounts will vary depending on carriers/policies. Your out-of-pocket services are typically qualified medical expenses if you have an FSA, HSA or insurance deductible. Please check with your insurance company and accountant if you have questions.

We understand that in today’s health insurance environment we all desire to utilize the insurance we are required to maintain; therefore, we do our best to provide accurate CPT billing codes and ICD-10 diagnosis codes in order to maximize your ability to receive the most reimbursement your individual policy allows. While most insurance providers will not disclose a monetary amount in advance, they will often verify whether they do/don’t cover specific procedure codes. If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact our office and we are happy to provide patients with the appropriate procedure codes.

Financing Programs

Didn’t think you could afford the hearing services you need?

Well, now you can. We offer monthly installment payment plans (no-interest & low -interest) which help patients fit the cost of their care into their monthly budgets.

Our office has partnered with AllWell Financing and CareCredit to provide you with the financing needed to obtain the hearing care you need and deserve.

AllWell is a leading audiology financing company that offers financing flexible financing options and low monthly payments. AllWell provides both a superior alternative to high interest rate credit cards and unparalleled live customer service.

CareCredit ® is a healthcare credit card for every member of the family. CareCredit® offers special financing on purchase of $200 or more* for healthcare costs not commonly covered by insurance.

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