I can't thank you enough for being there to help our child with APD. We had known for a long time something was wrong but all his test scores had always come back “average” and his hearing tests were normal. Even though we were being told he was “just not paying attention” or “isn't motivated”, we knew something else was wrong but could not figure out what! But now that we know & understand about his APD we have been able to get our son the school support and specific treatment he needed to address his APD. Now he is enjoying school again and getting straight A's!

–L. S., Temecula, CA

We are so glad we found you! We wish we had found you years ago. Thank you for taking so much time to carefully diagnose our daughter and explain to both of us in such easy to understand terms all about her APD. It has helped immensely to understand how it has been affecting her (not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well) and to finally know how to help her. She is feeling so much more confident now and is making plans to go on to college! And it was such a fun eye opener to discover during this process how many APD characteristics she has in common with her father! Now we laugh about how this explains a lot!!

–J. & S., La Jolla, CA

We just love the new FM system you fit our daughter with last week. We are already noticing how much more energetic and less fatigued she is in the evenings now that she is using her FM system during the day. Thank you so much for letting us know about this wonderful tool for assisting her with her APD in the classroom. What a huge difference it is making!

–A. E., Carlsbad, CA

As a previous hearing aid wearer, I can really appreciate how important it is to find the right Audiologist to care for my hearing. After years of frustration & failure, and plenty of wasted dollars, I had given up on finding hearing aids that worked for me. Then a friend referred me to their Audiologist and I was thrilled to finally find someone that knows how to get the job done right. Perhaps it is because Dr. Best has had hearing loss herself most of her life, but she certainly understands the many unique struggles of living with hearing loss. She invested the time to find the perfect solution for my hearing-and now I love my hearing aids!

–A. B., San Diego, CA

Every day when I put my new hearing aids in my ears I am so rewarded. The time and attention given me to find just the right solution for my hearing loss has made all the difference. This gift of hearing clearly again means so much to me. High quality hearing aid technology truly has made a HUGE difference in my life. I can't believe how much better these new aids are (the more they do for my hearing) than my former hearing aids. Startling!

–A. I., Oceanside, CA

Dr. Krumenacker understood perfectly what I needed in a hearing aid. I feel she listened to my experience with my hearing loss, understood my needs and was able to recommend the perfect solution to fit my lifestyle. I love how small and comfortable it is, and more importantly how seamlessly I can hear while wearing it! It is a joy to work with someone with such compassion, knowledge and expertise about hearing aids.

–J. R., Vista, CA

When I found Dr. Best I had about given up on ever finding a successful solution to my hearing loss. I had tried hearing aids many times over the years without success. But she spent the time, and through much trial and error, was able to find just the right hearing aids for me and I have been hearing well ever since! I have been a loyal patient of hers for over 15 years and recommend her to all my friends.

–R. G., Carlsbad, CA

After 20 years of living with my dad's profound hearing loss, Dr. Best was the first Audiologist to successfully fit my Dad with hearing aids. She was so patient, never pressured him, and to our amazement finally convinced him to give hearing aids a free “test drive”! What a difference this has made in all our lives! Mom and I were in tears when we first realized he can now participate in conversations around him, laugh at the punch lines of jokes, and his personality has come alive again. Thank you Dr. Best for giving all of us back my Dad!

–C. M., Fallbrook, CA

I am extremely happy with the results of my tinnitus therapy. I have noticed immediate relief due to a reduction in my tinnitus, and have found after only two weeks I could cut down from treatment twice a day to once a day. I have also noticed that my inability to concentrate due to my tinnitus is now gone since I've started my sound therapy treatment.

–M. C., San Diego, CA

The Serenade device works. I've been using the device for about 6 months, and my tinnitus has decreased a lot. There are days when I barely even hear my tinnitus at all.

–W. M., Texas

My tinnitus was so severe I thought I'd lose my sanity. I was in a panic when I found the tinnitus specialists at Best Hearing San Diego. They got me started with my treatment and were so supportive during my struggles with my tinnitus. Now, after using the Serenade device for a little less than a year I am tinnitus free. Now I tell everybody to go see Dr. Best – I can't encourage you enough to give this treatment a try-it has saved my sanity.

–B. M., Carlsbad, CA

Dr. Best was exceptionally knowledgeable and compassionate. She explained everything in a detailed but easy to understand way. She was the first specialist I have ever worked with that took the time to counsel and educate me about my tinnitus and various treatment options. I now feel encouraged and hopeful about getting help for my tinnitus.

–A. J., Dallas, TX

I am delighted that I have been able to work with Dr Best and her team using the “Desyncra for Tinnitus” program. This is a remarkable new treatment for tinnitus. I have tried other tinnitus treatment programs in the past with no success. However, the Desyncra device has within a mere 8 weeks shown a significant change in the sound in my ears. I am much calmer, enthusiastic, and most importantly I am grateful. I can't urge anyone with tinnitus too greatly or too strongly to take the time today to call Dr Best and start their adventure into healing.

–C. H., Tucson, AZ

Having suffered with Tinnitus for some time with nobody being able to help me, I went to Best Hearing San Diego. It was a very good and rare experience to meet a person who actually acknowledged fully and empathized with my “invisible” condition of hyperacusis & tinnitus. I felt very well looked after and at last I am experiencing an improvement in my symptoms and have hope for long-term relief.

–C. H., Coronado, CA

Collegiate Son's Auditory Challenges Overcome

Deep thanks to Best Hearing San Diego. My son is getting ready to start college this fall. His school advised they would provide auditory support, but needed to know what specific equipment to purchase. I contacted Best Hearing and DeeDee was INCREDIBLY helpful! I described my son's auditory challenges/needs. DeeDee took down all the information, consulted with the director and called me back with detailed information and options. I would refer anyone I know to this business based on the great follow up I received.

–Karen R.

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