Our APD Program

Our APD Program here at Best Hearing San Diego is a one-of-a-kind program which has been developed from over 20 years of experience treating individuals with auditory processing disorders. Our unique two part program is designed to not only identify the presence of APD but to also diagnose the specific type of APD that is present. We also provide parents & patients with the guidance and counseling they need to help them understand how APD is impacting their lives and what treatments are best suited to target and remediate their specific type of auditory processing disorder.

Part 1 of our program consists of a 2 hr appointment for diagnostic testing. At the conclusion of this appointment you will learn about the status of your child’s auditory system (both sensory & processing), if they have APD, and if so, what type of APD your child has and how to manage it at home and at school. Part 2 of our program consists of a 2 hr counseling & patient education appointment where you will learn in more detail how APD is affecting your child and interfering with their success, including our APD Parent Handbook and Resource Packet. The Audiologist will more importantly review in detail a custom designed treatment plan with recommendations for intervention and treatment options based on their unique needs.

APD Screening

Answers the question “Is there the presence of some type of APD?”

APD Diagnostic Evaluation

Answers the question “Do I have APD, and if so, which of the 3 types do I have?”

Patient Education & Deficit Specific Treatment Plan

Answers the question “What do I do now that I know my child has APD?”

Optional Services

Ongoing support services for our APD patients

We have found some parents are overwhelmed by the prospect of APD testing and may be unsure if this is the right direction to go for their child. Therefore, if needed, we find that the best place to start is a complimentary parent consultation (in person or via phone) with the Audiologist to review your child’s issues, determine if they are at risk for APD, and if APD testing is the right direction for your child. This also provides a safe and confidential initial contact where parents are free to discuss their child’s issues in private. Following this initial contact we will schedule you to return with your child to get started with their APD diagnostic evaluation.

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary APD consultation in order to find out if undiagnosed APD is the missing puzzle piece holding you/your child back from experiencing the success they deserve. The goal of our comprehensive APD Testing & Treatment Program is to provide parents & patients with the information, tools & support they need. Together, we can help your child achieve their maximum potential!

Our Role in APD

What is different about the APD program at BHSD compared to others:

A typical APD diagnostic evaluation will identify the absence or presence of an auditory processing disorder and diagnose where the break-down is occurring in the auditory processing pathway (deficit specific diagnosis). Once this is done you will be provided with a basic report documenting the results and general recommendations for management and accommodations for that type of APD.

We have found over the years that most parents discover, in many instances, that this not enough information once they begin the process of trying to facilitate support and treatment for their child’s APD. Therefore, in response to requests from our patients/parents, we have developed a more comprehensive APD Program designed to provide this additional support. Therefore, Part 1 of our program consists of the more traditional APD diagnostic assessment, and Part 2 of our program is designed to support a parent/patient with more of a detailed road map on how to move forward successfully with intervention focused on improving APD function and skills.

Why does BHSD have a Part 2 when nobody else does?

Because we have been specializing in APD for over 20 years and we have had the opportunity to learn from our patients. Based on popular demand by our APD parents we have responded to their requests for more support beyond a simple diagnosis.

These parents report to us just knowing their child has APD is not enough. They are coming back to us after a year or more of management and accommodations frustrated by the lack of improvement in their child’s situation. They have asked us to provide more guidance on how to target the APD and help their child get better. They have asked us what the next steps are in order to remediate the APD. We have spent the last several years researching the answers to these questions-and are continually seeking new and more effective treatment options to pass on to our patients.

APD is an underserved patient population and we feel strongly they deserve more of our time and attention! Many of our staff members here at Best Hearing San Diego have family members that struggle with APD and we are passionate about finding answers that help change the lives of APD sufferers and provide them with the success they deserve.

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