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At Best Hearing San Diego, we take pride in being able to offer a full range of specialized services for hearing loss, tinnitus, auditory processing disorders and vertigo.

We understand the impact that any one of these afflictions can have on your enjoyment of daily life. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to find a personalized hearing care solution that will fit your lifestyle. We work hard to make hearing easy.

Because your hearing needs are unique, you need personalized hearing care that includes diagnostic evaluation, education, and rehabilitation tools to ensure you get the right hearing solution. With 20+ years of audiology experience, we embrace a culture of custom service for our patients and strive to meet and serve all your hearing needs.

Since 2002, our happy patient population has grown, and today extends well beyond the borders of our own state. The foundation of these long-term patient relationships is having established the trust and confidence in our ability to ensure our patients have a lifetime of healthy hearing.

Come into one of our conveniently located Best Hearing San Diego offices for a hearing test or a consultation today! There is never an obligation.

We want to start you on the path to healthy hearing today!

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Patient experience

Every patient deserves to be treated with great care. We make sure your experience is more than great. We want it to be the best.



With the growing need to obtain hearing services, Best Hearing has expanded their services outside of their office walls. We have satellite offices and in-home service visits as well!


Knowledge & Experience

The Best Hearing team has had over 20+ years of patient-care experience paired with advanced doctoral & post-doctorate level training & education within the field of audiology.



The local community is what drives Best Hearing. We take pride in supporting the community where we live & raise our families right alongside our patients through volunteer work in an array of local Charities, Community Outreach and Health & Wellness events.


Specialty Services

Because of the wide range of hearing care needs, some patients find it difficult to find the help they need. We specialize in bridging this gap by the specialty services we offer designed to meet the needs of our patients.


Quality Time

In today’s fast paced lifestyles, we make it a point to offer our patients quality time for their needs to be heard and a personalized quality solution to be found. Quality care leads to better, more successful outcomes.


Deep thanks to Best Hearing San Diego.  My son is getting ready to start college this fall.  His school advised they would provide auditory support, but needed to know what specific equipment to purchase. I contacted Best Hearing and DeeDee was INCREDIBLY helpful!  I described my son’s auditory challenges/needs.  DeeDee took down all the information, consulted with the director and called me back with detailed information and options.  I would refer anyone I know to this business based on the great follow up I received.

K. R

As a previous hearing aid wearer, I can really appreciate how important it is to find the right Audiologist to care for my hearing.  After years of frustration & failure, and plenty of wasted dollars, I had given up on finding hearing aids that worked for me.  Then a friend referred me to their Audiologist and I was thrilled to finally find someone that knows how to get the job done right… She invested the time & expertise to find the perfect solution for my hearing-and now I love my hearing aids!

A. B.

I am extremely happy with the results of my tinnitus retraining therapy.  I have noticed immediate relief due to a reduction in my tinnitus, and have found after only two weeks I could cut down from treatment twice a day to once a day. I have also noticed that my inability to concentrate due to my tinnitus is now gone since I’ve started my sound therapy treatment.

M. C.

We are so glad we found you!  We wish we had found your office years ago.  Thank you for taking so much time to carefully diagnose our daughter and explain to both of us in such easy to understand terms all about her APD.…It has helped immensely to understand how it has been affecting her… and to finally know how to help her.  She is feeling so much more confident now and is making plans to go on to college!

J & S

I am delighted that I have been able to work with Dr Best and her team….. I have tried other tinnitus treatment programs in the past with no success.  However, the neuromodulation tinnitus therapy has within a mere 8 weeks shown a significant change in the sound in my ears.  I am much calmer, enthusiastic, and most importantly I am grateful.

C. Hr.


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