About Tinnitus Treatment Solutions

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy is a treatment provided for those suffering with tinnitus. This is a comprehensive treatment program guided by a licensed audiologist who is a tinnitus specialist. It requires the use of a sound therapy device, in combination with patient education and counseling, and is designed to enable short and long term relief via habituation.

Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Many people think tinnitus is the condition that causes them to not hear well. In fact, hearing loss and tinnitus are two separate but related conditions. About 80% of those suffering with tinnitus also have hearing loss.

Treating Tinnitus with Hearing Devices

For the tinnitus sufferer, a hearing device offers:

  • Masking / habituation: Integrated sound therapy in the tinnitus hearing aid is utilized for short-term relief by providing a reduction in your tinnitus perception through masking of your tinnitus. Under the guidance of a tinnitus expert, retraining and correction of hypermonitoring is utilized for long-term habituation relief.
  • Amplification: Amplification enables you to hear sounds you might otherwise miss. This reduces the stress associated with struggling to hear and allows fuller participation in life’s events. The device can be customized to address only those situations where you require amplification.
  • Distraction: Hearing more sounds from your environment means that you will pay more attention to those sounds and less attention to your tinnitus.
  • Relaxation: Specialized tinnitus hearing aids include an embedded tinnitus masking sound designed to be soothing and more pleasant to hear than the tinnitus. There are many different tinnitus masking sounds available, including white noise (a “shhh” sound) or more musical, chime like sounds.

Finding the Right Tinnitus Hearing Aid

There are many brands and styles of hearing devices. Current technology is quite sophisticated, while also being small and discreet. We ensure each patient receives an audiological evaluation and needs assessment, as well as help deciding which device is best for you based on your specific clinical situation, lifestyle and technology needs.

Many tinnitus sufferers have been pleasantly surprised at how relieved they felt after getting a tinnitus hearing aid. Besides having an appropriate device, it is also very important that your tinnitus hearing aid be properly programmed and adjusted to you and your tinnitus. Our patient education and comprehensive tinnitus information are additional valuable tools in helping patients to find relief.

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