• APD Screening Questionaire

    Posted January 26, 2022, under APD, Resources

    Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a complex problem that affects the way the brain processes auditory information. Individuals with APD usually have normal structure and function of the outer, middle and inner ear. However, they cannot process the information they hear in the same way as others, which leads to difficulties in recognizing and interpreting … Read More »

  • Fisher’s Auditory Problem Checklist

    Posted January 24, 2022, under Resources

    Give to your child’s Teacher(s) Fisher’s Auditory Problem Checklist

  • FM System Recommendations 2021-2022

    Posted January 20, 2022, under Resources

    There are basically two types of FM systems; the individual ear level devices and sound field systems. For most, but not necessarily all, APD students an individual ear level device is superior to a sound field system. Individual ear level devices include a lapel mic transmitter worn by teacher/speaker and ear level ear piece receiver … Read More »

  • Map to Solana Beach Satellite Office

    Posted January 16, 2022, under Resources

    Driving Directions From I-5, Exit Via de la Valle and head WEST Turn right at Valley Ave, and an immediate right again onto Highland Dr. We are on the first floor of the grey building above the AM/PM gas station Del Mar Corporate Center, Suite 110-T Note: we are in a GREY building * Visitor … Read More »

  • APD Handout for Teachers

    Posted January 6, 2022, under APD, Resources

    Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a type of hearing loss. Our peripheral (sensory) auditory system (ear & auditory nerve) is designed to detect sound. Our central auditory processing system is designed to process or recognize and make sense out of what we’ve heard. Individuals with APD will most often have normal sensory hearing but will … Read More »